The Chief End


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Silver & the Sea (Lyric Video)

I do believe. That silver and the sea. Can write a lullaby

Of swelling lines. To put my fears to sleep. And I know.

I do believe. That everything I’ve been, was only

Half a boy, in half a dream, to open up to new beginnings

Put to bed, all you’ve known of me

Go. Go. All of this gone. Years of bated breathing.  

Cast away with open eyes. Take in the air uncolored.

Home. Now. New beginnings. Rest from all this running.

Come and see the statue rise. Here comes the end of longing.

I do believe. That rest and family, can be the slightest help,

but hardest weight, to hold me back from where I’m going

I do believe. In opportunities. That chances follow tries.

So close behind. The life we always dreamed and wanted.

We don, American best.

Our ties and suits are all pressed.

Dim glass and nearing shores

We left our homes to find this.   



I saw, the only woman, that could say with just a smile

“Baby lift your chin up, my heart breaks to see you down."

I’d give, every minute, of my life to make you laugh.

So baby just keep pushing, and I will win this fight for us”


I knew, with every  fiber, she’s the one I’ll learn to love.

And so I walked up slowly. And told her that the best I could.

Hello my dear, I must say, I’m overcome.

I plead you’ll grant, a moment of your time. If just to swim in your blue eyes.  

You work to death to make a way for your home.

Well I’ve got hands, to labor side by side, just tie your life with rings to mine.

She stepped back disapproving. Said she’d never take a fool,

That’s never known her rightly. And doesn’t think his own words through.

Sweet girl, I say sincerely, I’ve no treasure on this earth.

But I will do whatever thing, that I can to prove my words.

Lovers these days, tell me I should not speak of forever.

But I’m here for you my love, and I won’t have you, unless I see this through.


The Push & the Pull

I got in a boat and I got in believing

I’d never look back, I’d just coast through the breathing

A lady so fair. I was down on one knee took my chance then and there

Eight months and a day for her father to say yes

Longer than that for the plans and the white dress Here’s a big move

Rolling the dice like the rich people do

Now the day is come...     

Are you gonna? Jump! Quick tell it to me

My heart is racing like a Chaplin movie

Calm down boy you’re fine. Let’s keep it moving

Jump and do it fully

It’s not a risk if you don’t think of leaving

Man up boy you’re fine. Here is your new wife

Ring on her hand for what seems like a long time

Making a plan for ourselves and a lifetime. Here we follow suit

Building a home like the good people do

I never go slow I’m a fan of just diving

Escaping the fallout smooth and conniving. I’m feeling so scared.

Am I strong enough now to commit for the years?

Am I strong enough now to commit for the years?

Am I strong enough now?

They open the doors, she’s purer than starlight. Clear blue eyes.

She’s taking a step, ten more and she’ll be mine. Everything will change tonight.

I’m wiping away all the sweat on my brow

The look on her face overwhelming my doubt

All of the talk culminating in now standing here

Sir do you take this young girl?

I’m running through pics of the days we will have

Thinking about all the threats from her dad

The push and the pull of the thoughts in my head driving me mad

I look at her face for a hint or a sign

Will I be able to forfeit my life?

This is the moment for getting it right

This is the moment there’s no second tries

I do


Single Malt

Waking backwards, thinking what I saw was,

A sign that I’ve been, everything but good and gentrified.

Standing up. Stumbling back down.

Now it sets in, memories regrets and, the things I said that, made her leave the house with both the kids.

Here it comes, flight or fire now I know

If this was alright, I wouldn’t be alone,

Blurred eyes putting dimes in the pay phone.

If I was alright, I’d never get here

'Cause it’s another matter that I shoulda known.

Simple concepts, make a nice home,

Bodies have forty years for the gravestone.

And if it’s alright, I’ll say I’m shaken

But it’s another matter that I shoulda known

Looking backwards, thinking about the young words,

It’s like I had the kind of guts to take the world back then.

What I swore. What I’ve come to.

Girl I’m sorry, looking for the good me,

Could it simply be I’m just a wreck and losing it?

Ignorance. Innocence I plead my love.    

Oh bring me back. You know my soul dear

Oh bring me back. If there’s still life in here        

Oh bring me back. Before I’m overcome    

Oh single malt. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!


One Good Fight (Left in Me)

This life is a race, a fight, a flood

It takes all your work, your heart, your blood

Destined to fail unless we throw the game

Check my days, I've always been

Fist for the crown, pushing them down

But all this confidence I've known

It's a farce, a daydream

Where did I go wrong?

Always the tough, always the bright, the good kid

Couldn't hold the hand of my love until I lost

Note the haven life you lead

Heat for the hearth, heat for the warmth of family

Love was paid by blood

In darker times, when I finally gave in

On the payphone floor

That's where I died, that's where I found a newness

Came and fixed my eyes

All the light that I breathe

This life is a race, a fight, a flood

It takes all your work, your heart, your blood

Destined to fail unless we throw the game

This life is embrace partake become

Alive or remain behind the gun

Trials to now relent or love the lie

But this is a father's desperate cry

Not just a king passing the time

Royalty does not imply

A life of apathy and pride

Kids this is where the path is

And you're not strong enough to walk

So use this desperate moment

To make your weak His strong

I've still got one good fight left in me


The Light

My dear we've held many days, a lifetime to learn the depths of my faults

My dear you've been cursed by my words, still through the tears you say nonetheless

I'll remain only yours till the end, when it comes

So hold my hand, come what may, just hold me close and don't let me go

My dear I've seen all your fears, protecting yourself as you tore at the knot

My dear I've cared for your wounds, sharing the pain was the crown of our love

I'll remain only yours till the end, when it comes

My dear we're running out of time, soon to depart for a home up above

My dear we're stepping out on grace, starting the song at the old river's edge

But I'll remain only yours till the end, when it comes


Gain (Finale)

When we finally reached the shore

Dim broken glass on the sand

A brand new home to explore

It's no surprise, for years I've known that

For me there's life or death

For me there's loving you or gain

Ran as a child toward the west

I found my baby and held her hand

The wars of aging were there to bless

'Cuz all along these years I've known that

Brought into a fuller sense

Finding justice and innocence and I

Am inclined to bend the knee

Young eyes for an aged man

New maps to a brand new land and I

Am inclined to bend the knee

The scars I thought would never leave

Arrange like paintings of the sea

A brighter fire I find I am

After all these years I taste it

I do believe, I do believe

You know my soul dear

I do believe, I do believe

I must say I'm overcome

I do believe, I do believe

I'll remain

I do believe, I do believe

Here comes the end of longing


Thank you to everyone who took the time to dig into the words we choose to sing.

We love you all more than you know.


The Chief End