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The Chief End

Our Story

In 2011, two friends, Mike Havrilla and Jason Wallace, wrote their first song

together. Drawing from their collective experience in touring rock bands,

they eventually started writing songs as The Chief End with Nate Straughan

on drums. In November of 2016 the project was completed and the 2-3 song

EP of two friends had evolved into the album of an entire band. Nearing

Shores was released February 2017.

After a great debut, Joel Ngui and Jimmy Warner joined their ranks to boost

their sound and stage presence. With their new five-piece lineup, they have

played sold out shows in the mid-Atlantic region.

The Chief End started working on new music with a refreshed soundscape at

the beginning of 2018, which culminated in their EP release of Vivid Youth in

September. Vivid Youth combines themes of facing life’s fears with melodic

guitars and hard hitting drums to deliver honest and catchy songs you’ll be

humming for days.

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The Chief End